Buy A Wetsuit Online


It is very convenient to buy a wetsuit online.  It takes all the hassle out of the shopping experience. You do not have to battle the traffic to get to a shop.  There are no parking restrictions.  You can do it outside of retail hours when you are not working and have some time available.  There are no queues and crowds to deal with. You run no risk of having to deal with indifferent salespeople.   And it is quick.

Scuba Scene Online Shop

You can buy a wetsuit online at the Scuba Scene online shop. They have a range of wetsuits available in styles for both men and women.  A wetsuit provides exposure protection.  This means it protects you from the temperature of the water you are diving in, and it also protects you from things that can sting, bump or scrape you.  Wetsuits come in different thicknesses and this affects the amount of warmth they provide.  The thickness ranges from 1mm, for use in very warm water or under another suit, to 9mm. Generally a 3mm suit is suitable for warm water, 5mm for in-between, and 7mm for cold water.  When you choose your wetsuit at the Scuba Scene online shop, choose the right thickness for your intended use.

A wetsuit, as with all your diving equipment, is an investment.  Choose the right one for you, and then look after it.  After every use rinse it well and allow it to dry completely. Store it hanging on a wide plastic or wooden hanger: you do not want to develop impressions from the hanger on the shoulders.  If you take good care of your wetsuit, it will serve you well and last.

Buy a wetsuit and all your diving equipment online

Scuba Scene’s online shop has a full range of equipment online.  You can buy everything from wetsuits, scuba equipment, computers, fins, masks, snorkels and more. They carry a number of well-loved designers and cater for men, women and children.  Shopping online is the ultimate convenience and you can get everything you need for scuba diving in one place.  And when you buy a wetsuit online at Scuba Scene, delivery to anywhere in South Africa is free.