Can I Dive In Johannesburg?


Perhaps you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to learn to dive or maybe you’ve been planning to take lessons for a while now but not yet get round to it? You might think being based in Johannesburg makes it more difficult for you to make your scuba diving dream a reality but you would be wrong. There are, in fact, over 40 diving schools and scuba centres based in Gauteng. With the possibility of completing a part of your PADI certification online, there really is no excuse not to gear up and learn to dive.

Learn to Dive in Johannesburg

A good place to start is by making contact with two or three dive schools within your local area. Make a point of viewing the facilities on offer, and check which of the basic scuba gear will be supplied and what you will need to rent or buy. Price is obviously a consideration but most important is checking that your instructors are suitably PADI certified. Your life depends on the competence of your instructors so it’s imperative you feel comfortable with them.

The most popular course for beginner divers is the PADI Open Water Diver Certification. The course covers the theory of the basic principles governing scuba diving. This section can be completed independently, online (as previously mentioned) or at the dive school or centre. The online option allows you the opportunity to work through the material at your own pace and gives you a year to complete the entire course, including the dives.

If you’d rather learn to dive and get your PADI Open Water Diver certification within a month, it’s probably better to complete your theory during the course so you can move on to the real fun – the practical training dives. Initially, your course dives will be confined water dives, with the focus being on basic scuba skills like becoming accustomed to your gear in general, getting a feel for buoyancy control, and practicing how to clear your mask.

Once your instructor deems you ready, he will arrange the first of your qualifying open water dives. Now is your chance to put all that theory and initial training to good use and explore the wonderland that lies beneath the surface of the ocean.

Obviously, this will mean heading to the coast, usually for a weekend, and who can argue that that alone sounds like an excellent reason to learn to dive. Best of all, Johannesburg is well-positioned to access beautiful dive spots along the northern KwaZulu Natal coast all the way past Kosi Bay and into Mozambique.

Get in touch with a local scuba school like Scuba Scene today; learn to dive and make your dreams of discovering the aquatic life come true, even if you are living in Egoli.