Choose Your Suit


Check our website for wetsuits for sale. It may be an easier and quicker way to get exactly the size and style you want. Sometimes brick and mortar stores carry a limited selection. Scuba Scene has a large range of wetsuits for sale on their website

Scuba Scene only carries proven quality products so, as a beginner, you will know that what you buy will serve you well. Besides wetsuits for sale at our online store, beginners will find the rest of the necessary equipment.

Now you have your essential gear and you are ready to start a new adventure.

7 Handy Diving Tips

  1. Take the PADI course offered by Scuba Scene. South Africa has some amazing dive sites like Clifton Rock, Avalanche Reef and Raggie Cave. You can enjoy all of them safely if you have good solid safety training. The more levels of certification you achieve the more qualified you will become to dive any site.
  1. As a certified scuba diver, expect to be responsible for your own equipment. When you are shopping for wetsuits for sale at our online store, consider getting a spare. The same is true for fins, snorkels, masks and especially regulators.

Stuff happens and if one piece of your equipment fails, you may not be able to dive.

  1. We get that you are excited. Do not come barreling to the surface like a whale in an amusement park sideshow. Rise at 9m per minute and make a safety stop at 4.5meters. You will know this from your PADI training.
  1. Underwater scenes at popular dive sites are breathtaking. However, do not hold your breath. Be very conscious of the tendency to hold your breath. After all, it has been your natural lifelong reaction to submersing yourself in water. As you go up, the air in your lungs expands.
  1. The weightlessness you feel in water may fool you into thinking that scuba diving is the sport to complement your sedentary lifestyle. You would be wrong. Scuba diving is a physically demanding sport. If you want to enjoy it, stay in good physical shape. Try your wetsuit on before your diving trip to make sure it still fits and how it should fit. Scuba Scene has all sizes of wetsuits for sale at their online store.
  1. When you’re looking for wetsuits for sale, also look at cameras. If you get the Aqua Pod, you will be able to take selfies. You are definitely going to want that.
  1. Never ever scuba dive alone. Before leaving to scuba dive, make sure others know exactly where you will be and with whom you will be diving. Emergency numbers should always be easily accessible. No exceptions.

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