How To Store Your Wetsuit

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Scuba diving in South Africa is a popular sport. For some it is a passion. And no wonder – the ethereal underwater world holds hours of beauty and fascination. As with any sport – or passion – in order to enjoy it to the full, you will need the correct equipment and gear.

An important piece of gear for scuba diving is a wetsuit. A wetsuit is important to your comfort and health when diving in the sometimes chilly waters of the open ocean. The idea behind a wetsuit is to allow a small amount of water to initially seep into the suit, which, once heated by your body, forms an insulating layer of warmth.

Care and store your wetsuit correctly

After your dive, you should thoroughly rinse off your wet suit using cool, fresh water. Hang it up, inside out on a wide hanger in the shade. Once it is dry, it can be put away until the next time you want to use it.

Ideally, a wet suit shouldn’t be folded. Wet suit material can develop a permanent crease if left folded for a long period of time. It is best to store your wet suit flat. If that is not possible, you can store your suit on a hanger. To better support the weight of the suit, it is a good idea to use a wide or thick hanger. The thicker the suit, the heavier it is, so your hanger should be as thick as possible.

Store in a cool, dry and protected place out of direct sunlight. It is also not recommended to store your wet suit in garage if the garage is used to park a vehicle. Over time, the exhaust emissions from the vehicle can deteriorate the neoprene.

Scuba diving enjoyment comes with responsibility

A poor workman always blames his tools. And if he doesn’t care for his tools in the correct way, he won’t have the tools to use. Caring for, and storing your wet suit correctly will ensure that the suit remains in good condition for many years and many dives.

If you have questions about the correct methods of storing a wet suit, speak to Scuba Scene. They can advise you, as well as answer any questions you may have about scuba diving in South Africa.