Is Scuba Diving Dangerous?

Open water

You may want to learn scuba in Pretoria, but you are worried that scuba diving is dangerous.  So let’s have a look at that in more detail.  Scuba is an extreme sport.  It fits into that category of sport that involves physical exertion, special gear, speed and height (in this case depth).  Examples of extreme sports include surfing, skiing, parachuting, mountain biking and scuba diving.  All are exhilarating activities that will have your heart pumping and make you feel exquisitely alive.  

So how dangerous is it actually?

When you learn scuba in Pretoria with Scuba Scene you will receive world-class training and an international PADI certification.  The causes of fatalities in diving can be attributed to five main factors, and when you know them you can mitigate them for yourself.  

  • The first is a pre-existing pathology in the diver.  For example, a diver with a heart condition or high cholesterol puts himself or herself at risk due to the physical exertion of diving.  If you keep yourself fit and healthy, and you dive within your limits, you can mitigate this.  
  • The second is poor buoyancy control.  With rigorous training from certified instructors at Scuba Scene, you will learn how to manage your buoyancy.  
  • The third is rapid ascent.  Again, the training you receive is key – both in theoretical knowledge and practical application.  
  • The fourth and fifth are related: gas supply and equipment.  The equipment sold by Scuba Scene carries a CE marking which means it conforms to all EU Directives and of highest quality.

In Pretoria Learn Safe Scuba
Statistically, scuba diving is much safer than many other activities.  Let’s have a look at some of these.  In skydiving one in every 100 000 jumps ends in fatality.  1 runner dies in every 100 000 marathons run.  In South Africa 4500 people die every year in car accidents. Know the main causes and mitigate them, but don’t let fear get in the way of an amazing experience.  Call Scuba Scene and learn scuba in Pretoria this year!