Scuba Diving Honeymoon


Scuba Scene arranges trips for scuba divers intent on the perfect romantic honeymoon. Many dive sites are wonderful honeymoon locations. Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique near the border of South Africa is one such place. This is a lovely resort and beach known for offshore diving and dolphins.

On your honeymoon you could choose to explore the waters around South Africa including Aliwal Shoal and Sodwana. Both offer a romantic get-away. Scuba divers come from all over the world just to experience the wonders found under the Indian Ocean.  

Scuba diving trips fill up fast, so plan your honeymoon trip when you plan your wedding. Your memory album will feature awesome scenes above and below the water’s surface.  You will have your sunsets across the water and so much more.

Lucky to Live in Pretoria

In Pretoria, scuba diving PADI lessons are available at Scuba Scene. Newly engaged couples have the opportunity to experience an exciting adventure together. Sign up for scuba lessons!

Choose a future diving trip that coincides with your wedding date. By the time the date for the trip arrives, you will both be certified divers ready for your exotic honeymoon adventure. Honeymoons are usually private affairs. However, you might like to invite the wedding party to join you for certification classes and a dive trip. There are plenty of opportunities to be alone. Your wedding and honeymoon is certain to be memorable. You are unique as a couple and your honeymoon scuba diving trip will reflect this.

A Scuba Diving Honeymoon

For your Facebook photos, you will both look good decked out in your scuba gear with the ocean and dive boat as a backdrop. Scuba Scene is a one-stop shop, where you can get both the training and the gear. Their PADI certified instructors are among the best. You will find all the equipment you need at their online scuba store. They carry the most reliable equipment used by experienced divers. They know the brands you can depend on and who gives the best quality for the money. Start planning scuba diving — and the adventure that will define your life together – today!