Scuba Diving: How Hard Can It Be?


So you’re considering signing up for a course in PADI scuba diving in Pretoria but you’re concerned that it’s too difficult or dangerous. Yes, scuba diving is considered an extreme sport but the advances that have been made in both the available training and dive gear, as well as the improved understanding of how diving affects our bodies, has made it far safer and more accessible for the average person.

Granted, you do need to be comfortable in the water and an adequate swimmer. Most scuba diving schools in Pretoria will expect you to demonstrate your ability by swimming approximately 200 metres, but there is no time limit on this swimming test. You’ll also need to show you can float or tread deeper waters for around 10 minutes, and again, most people can complete this test without too much difficulty.

What Do You Need for a Scuba Diving Course?

When you sign up for scuba diving in Pretoria, you’ll also be asked to go through a medical checklist. This is for your own safety, as well as the safety of your instructors and anyone who will potentially be diving with you. But as long as you’re in general good health and fairly physically fit; not suffering from any chronic conditions or on any long-term medications; and not an addict, alcoholic or plagued by physiological issues, you’ll most likely pass the medical with flying colours.

In Pretoria, Scuba Diving is for Everyone!

The bottom line is that just about anyone aged ten years and older who passes the swim test and the medical checklist can sign up for scuba diving in Pretoria. Even oldies well into their seventies have signed up for and successfully completed scuba diving courses.
The great thing about this amazing sport is that it does not discriminate on the basis of looks; gender; race or culture. It is a sport that crosses boundaries and brings people from all backgrounds together to explore and enjoy their love of adventure and the life aquatic. So what are you waiting for? So sign up for a scuba diving course in Pretoria today. Start diving and start living with Scuba Scene.