Scuba VS Snorkeling


Is scuba diving in South Africa better than snorkeling? Have you ever been asked this question?  The answer is simple.  For some, snorkeling in South Africa is much better than scuba diving, and here are just some of their reasons.  

With snorkeling you do not need much equipment.  If you have a mask and a snorkel, a wetsuit and fins, you have most of what you need.  You don’t need a boat and you can simply walk into the sea and begin to snorkel.  You don’t need special training or qualifications.  You don’t have to travel to reefs miles away from the shore.  You can simply take a few steps into the sea and begin to snorkel.  Suddenly a world that was previously hidden from you is revealed.  Rock pools are filled with life.  Unfamiliar plants, crustaceans, fish, coral reefs and even shipwrecks can be explored and savoured.  There is no cumbersome equipment and you can move freely through the water.

But isn’t scuba diving in South Africa better?

In South Africa, some say scuba diving is much better than snorkeling.  By mastering your equipment you can master a world hidden from most.  You can see things rarely seen, and experience the extraordinary.  Starting with an exhilarating boat ride, you can leave the shore far behind and venture into the unknown.  You can slip deep into the water and breathe underwater, like one of the mer-people.  Time is suspended.  You can hear your deep rhythmic breathing.  The light streams through the water.  You can watch the life teeming on the reef, ignoring your existence.  For a privileged moment you can be part of a world from which you are normally excluded.  

Both scuba diving and snorkeling offer many opportunities

Scuba diving and snorkeling offer the swimmer so many opportunities and both of them are full of marvel.  Each has their time and place, and both give you an opportunity to experience mother nature in a unique way.  Both of these activities are winners and there is no loser.  To compare them is a fruitless activity.  Enjoy them both.  Contact Scuba Scene to get all the equipment you need for each of them.  It is a joy and a privilege to be able to do snorkeling and scuba diving in South Africa.