What Makes A Good Wetsuit?


So you’ve just qualified as a PADI Open Water Diver and you’re on the hunt for your very own wetsuit. Where better to buy scuba gear online in South Africa than right here at Scuba Scene’s underwater.co.za store.

What To Look Out For In Your New Wetsuit

Buying a new wetsuit is exciting. No doubt you want to look as cool as possible however do not let your head be ruled by your heart and make a decision based purely on aesthetics! When you buy your new wetsuit and other scuba gear online in South Africa there are a number of other priority factors to consider first, such as what type of conditions you’re typically going to be diving in. Based on your answer, you can then determine which style of wetsuit works best for you: a shorty; full-body or two-piece wetsuit.

Buy Scuba Gear Online In South Africa

Once you’ve got your style choice down, you can focus on the fit. The entire point of a wetsuit is to keep your body at a consistent and comfortable temperature as well as providing protection from the elements, so getting the fit of your new wetsuit right is vital. It should ideally be snug enough to prevent an excessive amount of water seeping in between your skin and the inside of the suit, but flexible enough so you can still easily move your limbs and swim about.

Once you’ve got the fit right, you can make a final decision based on the colours and design you favour most. Your available budget is obviously another big deciding factor when you buy scuba gear but it does pay to buy the best quality wetsuit you can possibly afford to. All wetsuits are not created equal and for a little extra you can invest in a wetsuit that will potentially outlast a cheaper option by several years, costing you less in the long run and leaving you more to spend on your dive adventures. Buy scuba gear online from Scuba Scene for your next dive adventure.