Where Can You Find Scuba Diving Gear In Pretoria?


Do you love being underwater and exploring the bounty of life under the sea? Are you okay with wearing heavy protective scuba diving gear? Does the sight of sharks, whales and other large marine species excite you? Do you find yourself wanting to do more underwater exploration? If you answered yes to these questions, then you are a scuba diver at heart.

What’s it like to go scuba diving?

Scuba diving brings you close to some on nature’s most beautiful species. The adage ‘variety is the spice of life’ couldn’t be a better reflection of life under the sea.  Your scuba diving adventure will bring you face to face with colourful species of fish, coral reefs and kelp forests. Be prepared to brush shoulders with the ocean’s bigger inhabitants like dolphins, turtles and sharks.

If you’re a first time scuba diver, it is advisable to take some training and head down with an instructor. Your PADI instructor will teach you how to scuba dive correctly and safely. It is important that you follow all safety precautions when scuba diving in the deep seas, as things can go wrong very quickly. Having the right training and scuba diving gear is your first line of defense.

What kinds of scuba diving gear will you require?

Buying your first scuba diving gear is quite exciting. First you will require a snorkel and dive mask. The mask will enable you to see clearly underwater by creating a pocket of air in front of your eyes. A snorkel is a tube that enables you to inhale and exhale while your face is down on the surface of the water. Another essential piece of equipment is the regulator. This device connects you to the tank enabling you to breathe underwater. The buoyancy compensator is another necessary piece of equipment. It provides you with better control in the water column. The depth gauge and SPG are also essential items. The former tells you where you are in the water column and the latter tells you how much oxygen you have left in the tank. A wetsuit, dive computer and scuba fins are also required as well. You can purchase all this scuba diving gear at Scuba Scene.