Why Scuba Is Better Than Your Sony PlayStation


Before any of the inevitable backlash this statement could bring, it’s understood that some of you are fans of scuba diving; others are diehard PlayStation dedicates who stumbled upon this page thanks to Google while others are equally adamant about both pastimes.

Personally, I fall into the former group but that may have something to do with my poor hand-eye coordination. At any rate, I truly do believe scuba outranks just about any other way I could choose to spend my time – here’s why.


  • Scuba Is For Real

Scuba is an amazing sport in that it is accessible to anyone aged 10 years or older, and can be a wonderful way for family and friends to spend quality time together. Diving opens the door to a world of underwater adventure. Due to stringent industry controls, it is the perfect opportunity to enjoy new experiences and feel like an intrepid explorer while staying safe.

Scuba is as real it gets – you’re out there in a vast ocean with sharks and whales, turtles and tuna; at the mercy of corals and currents, and an entire marine ecosystem that exists regardless of you. What better way to feel like a real-life adventurer.


  • Scuba Takes You Places

If travel is your siren call, scuba diving is an excellent excuse to pack your bags and head for shores wild and foreign. The beauty of scuba is that your site destinations are mostly located in the most scenic areas of the world with plenty of other attractions to discover in between dives. Scuba holidays broaden your horizons and allow you to experience other countries and cultures from a perspective not available to the average tourist.


  • Scuba Offers Career Opportunities

The diversity of career opportunities offered by scuba is worth mentioning as they are so varied and while they do require the appropriate dive certifications and skills, they don’t necessarily require a university degree. This makes pursuing scuba as a career achievable for those who are passionate about the sport and willing to put in the time and effort.

Training as a scuba instructor paves the way for globetrotting and teaching at dive schools on your way; just think, all your dives are paid for, you’re outdoors and mingling with beautiful people all day long.  Or you can go for the money and build a commercial diving career. Underwater photography, salvage, rescue and compression are some other scuba career choices.


  • Scuba Keeps You Fit

The taste of New Year has not quite faded so I’ll take chance poking the sensitive “skinny” nerve. Let’s be honest, you’re not going to get any fitter sitting on the sofa, lost in the make-believe world of your Sony PlayStation and munching on your favourite crisps.

It’s time to dust off your dive gear or invest in a dive course and get on the Scuba Scene. If you’re worried about your figure, remember a wetsuit does wonders to smooth out those lumps and bumps.