Yikes! My Wetsuit Ripped!

Junior diving

So you ripped your wetsuit? Perhaps you had the misfortune to catch it on a sharp edge. Maybe you inadvertently snagged it on some coral. Or you just narrowly missed becoming a Great White’s next meal, in which case your wetsuit might be the least of your issues. Whatever caused your wetsuit to rip, the bottom line is you’re going to have to replace it. The good news is Scuba Scene’s underwater.co.za store makes it simple to get online and buy your new wetsuit and any other scuba gear you fancy.

Spoilt For Choice

The entire reason d’être for your wetsuit is to keep you warm and, relatively speaking, dry while you’re underwater. And while it may be possible to repair a small tear, a nasty rip is just going to leave you cold and potentially exposed to harmful elements. Not to mention it could impact your buoyancy. With its great selection of top quality wetsuits available on underwater.co.za you will feel quite spoilt for choice. For the best range of scuba gear in South Africa get online and go to underwater.co.za to buy the perfect replacement for your ripped wetsuit.

Buy scuba gear online in South Africa

Scuba Scene’s online store only stocks wetsuits from the leading brand names in the world.  These include Beuchat, Mares, and Scubapro.  Furthermore, they offer a variety of styles. They have a variety of shorty wetsuits to full steamers; vests with hoods to rash guards. They have a wetsuit suitable for every diving condition whether it is tropical or cold water. Plus, they cater to men, women and children. So before you risk embarking on your next dive adventure with a ripped wetsuit, get online and buy a replacement from the foremost selection of scuba gear in South Africa. Right now Scuba Scene is offering special sale prices on its Mares wetsuit range as well as on its Beuchat set (wetsuit, boots fins, mask and snorkel). And as if its customer service couldn’t get any better, delivery is free to anywhere in South Africa. So get online today and buy your scuba gear online from Scuba Scene.