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Your experience of a scuba dive depends on a few key things – for example, your scuba gear.  Choosing the right gear before you start your deep water adventures ensures that you get the best views and experience, not to mention the safe return to the surface.

A first time shopper for equipment can easily be lost on what to buy and what to skip. Here is a quick and easy guide. To enjoy your underwater adventure, you should be able to breathe, see, stay warm and, of course, swim easily.

Essential Scuba Gear

Here are only a few essential items that you will need for a safe scuba experience.

  1. The dive mask is worn over the eyes and nose and allows you to see clearly underwater. It also helps in balancing the pressure in deep water.
  2. A snorkel is used on the surface and helps you with inhalation and exhalation when swimming face down and is part of the recommended items.
  3. The regulator is the piece of equipment that connects to the tank and helps you breathe by suppling air to your mouth when you inhale.
  4. Other important scuba gear is a buoyancy compensator (BC) and a power inflator helps in supporting the weight of the tank as well as control your vertical position by adding or venting air.
  5. A depth gauge and submersible pressure gauge (SPG) are measuring instruments. They tell you the depth at which you are at presently as well as the amount of air left in your tank – both very important to know at all times while diving.
  6. Scuba fins will help you swim in the water more easily. There are various types of fins and you can choose the one that suits you best.
  7. Finally, you will need a wetsuit to keep yourselves warm.

In addition to these must-haves there are several other accessories that may be handy, but not essential.

Where To Shop?

The shopping list is the easy part.  Where to get the scuba gear can be a little harder. Scuba gear comes in several brands and quality, all with different feature lists and price tags. It is sold at various online as well as retail shops and it is sometimes a challenge to be sure if you are buying the right equipment.

It is safe not to play the guessing game when it comes to buying scuba gear, especially when you are just starting off. It is a good idea to consult the expert trainers at companies such as Scuba Scene for advice before you invest in this equipment. Contact Scuba Scene for assistance.