If you are even remotely interested in scuba diving, then PADI is the perfect place for you to learn the skill. PADI or Professional Association of Diving Instructors is the world’s foremost organisation when it comes to training top quality scuba divers. Whether you want to be a scuba diver or a scuba instructor, a PADI instructor is the best teach the skills required to be proficient in scuba diving.

PADI for Recreational Diving

Not all of us want to be diving instructors or professional divers – some of us just love scuba living during our holidays. For such people, scuba diving can begin at any age after 8-years and there are plenty of simple courses that you can opt for. There is a ‘Bubblemakers’ course for really young kids while other courses include an introduction to scuba diving, Seal Team course, Open Water Diving course, Skin Diver course and much more.

There are a lot of courses for those people who want to take their scuba adventure to the next level, such as the Rescue Diver course, Advanced Open Water Diver course and Adventure Diver course. Essentially, you have the option of going as deep into the diving world as you’d like.

Specialist Diving with PADI

One of the most amazing aspects of learning scuba diving from a PADI school is that you get to explore fascinating new worlds by specialising in areas such as wreck-diving, fish identification, cavern diving and much more. PADI offers some of the best courses in a variety of fields and depending on your level of interest, you can improve your skills in one area or another.

Going the Pro Way with PADI

Scuba diving isn’t just about recreational or adventure – it is also about serious diving assignments. A large number of scuba divers are required for various diving expeditions including equipment maintenance, deep-sea operations and more. There are a lot of different technical aspects of scuba diving that you are likely to encounter, including becoming a scuba instructor, and almost every single aspect requires a specialisation of some form – all of which PADI provides.

The best part about PADI courses is that there are a lot of courses being held every single year, all over the globe. With over 6 200 PADI certified diving centres and over 136 000 professional scuba instructors, PADI has provided over 23 million certificates all around the world! There are courses happening all the time so all you need to do is find one that fits your schedule and just head down there for the experience of a lifetime.

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