Designer Scuba Dives


Scuba diving is fun wherever you do it, whether new or experienced; in fact, it’s more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. There’s only one thing better than diving in that favourite location that you know and love so well, and that’s diving in a new location that provides a real once-in-a-lifetime experience. That’s why Scuba Scene is proud to help people like enjoy truly designer scuba dives.
The Thrill of Scuba Diving

We all know the thrills that come with scuba diving: the beautiful expanses of the undersea environment, swimming seamlessly along with varieties of fish that you’d only otherwise see in an aquarium. Designer scuba dives take the excitement and adventure to a whole new level, and allow you to experience the thrill of diving in a new country and a very different environment. Our expert team can help you find the best places to dive, and advise you on where to stay and what to do when you get there. They’ll also be able to give you guidance on what to take with you, and what equipment you’ll need from a safety point of view.

Red Sea Scuba Dives

You’ll be amazed at how different the Red Sea is to the waters around South Africa, like Boat Rock and Sodwana Bay. The fish species have incredibly vibrant colouring, and they weave in and out of intricate coral patterns. From Marsa Alam to Hamata, there are so many amazing reefs and diving centres that the only difficulty can be in deciding which is the perfect location for you.

Affordable Yet Bespoke Diving Experiences

The Red Sea is just one of the amazing scuba diving locations that we can advise you on. We can also help you enjoy the surfing paradise that is Mozambique, or locations that are a little further afield. You’re unique, and what you enjoy can be different to that which appeals to another diver, so it’s important that your scuba diving trip is designed to provide exactly what you’re looking for. We’ll discuss what you most enjoy about diving, and what you’d like to see and do, and then find the perfect location just for you. We also have a wealth of diving equipment of course, at great value prices. For more details, contact Scuba Scene.