Get A License For Fun


Have you thought about trying scuba diving, but didn’t really know how to get into it? It’s time for you to take the plunge, because once you’ve tried it you’ll want to do it again and again. Maybe you have a friend who keeps telling you about their scuba diving adventures? It could be that you’ve been on holidays in resorts like Egypt’s Sharm El Sheikh and felt a little jealous of all the people who were going overboard on a diving experience?

Whatever your reason for wanting to do it, Scuba Scene can help you experience it safely and correctly through our fully supervised PADI scuba courses.

The Advantages Of Scuba Diving

Nature is a wonderful thing, as you already know from living amidst the diverse landscapes of South Africa. One of the most amazing landscapes of them all, however, is that found underneath the waves. It’s a fact that over 70% of the planet’s surface is water, and around the South African coast and beyond it contains some incredible scenes.

Scuba diving not only allows you to get close to spectacular fish and marine line, it’s also a fantastic way to keep fit. Another advantage is that for all the fun it brings into your life, it’s a relatively inexpensive hobby. In fact, if you buy your scuba equipment from our online store or at our retail outlet, you’ll be amazed how little it can cost.

Learning With The Experts

Scuba diving is incredibly enjoyable, and it’s also very safe once you’ve mastered the basics and know how to dive correctly. That’s why the best way to begin your scuba adventures is to take a PADI training course. There are different courses available for different levels, including complete beginners. Whether you want to take a Discovery course or gain a certificate as an Open Water Diver, you’ll be sure to get the very best tuition, and your skills and enjoyment levels will both be enhanced.

How To Book A PADI Course

PADI stands for the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. These instructors have a wealth of scuba diving experience as well as being friendly and effective tutors. We’re proud to run our very own PADI courses, so all it takes is a call to us to discuss what you can look forward to if you sign-up for a course.

All of our team are expert divers themselves, so you can ask us any questions and we’ll be delighted to answer them. It could be the best call you ever make and will open up a new world of fun and adventure, and the courses are highly affordable too. To find out more, contact Scuba Scene.