Guided Red Sea Diving Trips

Red Sea - Scuba Scene

Those who are looking for exciting scuba diving trips really need to consider the unique nature of the wonderful waters of the Red Sea as their next destination. As you step into the waters off the coast of Egypt, you get a taste of one of the widest arrays of marine life you will ever see. There are hundreds and thousands of varieties of coral and sponges that line the coast line with beautiful colours and hidden marine life. Where there is coral, there will be reef fishes and shoals and shoals of these wonderful fishes swirl in and out of the reef like magic.

Of Wrecks and Sharks

We’ve all seen those epic images of the sea floor, where shipwrecks lie in tatters, and sharks patrol the walls looking for prey. Diving trips in the Red Sea allow you to go down to a plethora of such diving sites where you can encounter wonderful ship wrecks, explore them and spend some time down there with the sharks swimming all around you. Dolphins are also quite common in the waters of the Red Sea in what is one of the most amazing land-locked seas on the planet.

Where to go on your Red Sea Diving Trips?

When you are planning your Red Sea diving trip, you might want to look into some of the more popular locations like Elphinstone Reef. This oblong reef has massive drops and is one of the more popular parts of the sea. You might face a lot of tourist traffic here but most of it stays on the surface and under the water, you have the company of hammerhead sharks, butterfly fish and Napoleon Wrasse. The Brothers Islands is another spectacular place to go to on your diving trips but this is a place where you have a lot of wind and current activity, so it is ideal for divers with a bit more experience or a good guide.

You have that ever-present coral reef to swim through at The Brothers Islands, as well as a couple of ship wrecks that lie on the sea floor. There are, once again, hammerheads prowling the waters in schools, while the wrecks themselves are a wonderful location for vivid sea life. Daedalus Reef, one of the biggest diving locations in the southern parts of the Red Sea. On the northern side, you have the wonderful Rosalie Moller, where a Welsh coal-ship sits at the bottom of the sea in remarkable condition.

The Thislegorm and Kingston are two other wrecks in this part of the Red Sea but if you are interested in more marine life than ship wrecks, on your diving trips, you might want to head to the Ras Mohammed National Marine Park. Here, you can find a wider variety of marine life including Barracudas, Batfish, Black-tip Sharks and even the deadly Tiger Sharks. If you want a memorable diving trip out to the Red Sea, get in touch with Scuba Scene and we will set you up for the best Red Sea diving trips you can imagine!