How To Get Into A Wetsuit Easily


To enjoy scuba diving in South Africa, you will need the correct fitting scuba diving gear. This will include a snugly fitting wetsuit, fins, breathing apparatus and mask. Your wetsuit should feel like your second skin, and should fit snuggly but not too tight. Ensure your wetsuit fits properly. Speak to the professionals at Scuba Scene about the correct sized wetsuit for you.

Putting on a wetsuit doesn’t have to be tricky

Gently pull your wetsuit over your foot and ankle one leg at a time and then work it up over your thigh. The knees or knee pads must be lined up over your knees. Pull the fabric up and over your hips until the wetsuit is at your crotch, taking care the fabric around your legs is not twisted. Now pull the suit up over your torso. It must fit very tightly against the skin and there should be no extra fabric left along your torso before you put the arms on. When the wetsuit is all the way up your torso, put one sleeve on at a time – don’t use your fingernails – and adjust fabric to ensure there is no twisting along your arm. The arm of the wetsuit should reach to right above where a watch would go on your wrist. Pull the wetsuit up until there is a bunching of fabric at the top of the shoulders. Carefully zip up the suit, avoiding snags. After your suit is completely zipped up, close any of the Velcro fastenings.

Get into your wetsuit easily

While putting on a wetsuit can be tricky, trying these 4 tricks can make it easier:

  1. Wearing extra lycra under the wetsuit can make a difference.
  2. A dive skin or scuba socks have the added benefit of keeping your fins from rubbing and causing blisters.
  3. You could also try the plastic bag technique. By putting a plastic bag over your foot before you put it in the leg hole of your wetsuit can help your foot and leg slide in easily.
  4. Your dive buddy can also help. Let him pull up the back while you pull up the front. It will make a difference!

Learn the tricks for putting on your wetsuit easily and enjoy scuba diving in South Africa.