Mozambique Scuba Diving Trips


Okay, let’s get one thing straight – Mozambique scuba diving trips offer one of the biggest and widest range of sights and sounds you can ever experience in the waters of this planet! To begin with, there are miles of colourful, breathtaking coral reefs that are one of the most diverse underwater ecosystems on the planet. The sheer range of life forms that exists within these reefs is unbelievable, as is their beauty. Then there’s the opportunity to swim with the wonderful Manta Rays who come to feed on one of the world’s largest natural sources of plankton. Dolphins are a common sight in these waters as well while a trip that’s timed perfectly could also allow you to witness the wonder of the Humpback Whale migration. While the water temperatures are perfect throughout the year, it is during summer that you can enjoy the company of the largest and most docile fish on the planet – the Whale Shark.

Planning your to Mozambique Scuba Diving Trips

Mozambique has a massive 1200 mile coastline and there are specific locations along the coastline that offer countless opportunities for scuba diving. Facilities and equipment are available locally in these places, while those who want to try it out for the first time can also get in touch with PADI instructors or coaching schools where they can take their first steps into the water world.

Finding a place to stay is easy while a bit of planning ahead of time can get you a combination of a great hotel as well as a wonderful package with some of the top scuba diving schools and instructors! There are a number of top diving spots around Ponto do  Ouro, Pemba, Medjumbe Island, Inhambane and Tofo, although your choice of location may have to be restricted based on your technical ability and the level of difficulty of the dive. That said, the waters are spectacular enough to promise a glorious time to people of all ability levels on their scuba diving trips.

Preparing for Scuba Diving in Mozambique

If there’s one thing you really need to do before heading out on scuba diving trips to the Mozambique, it is to go through a small course like the Project Aware Fish Identification course or the Project Aware Specialist course offered by organisations like Scuba Scene. Underwater Naturals is another course that will set you on the path to enjoying your scuba diving trips even more than usual because these courses enable you to understand and appreciate the different creatures you encounter under the sea.

Mozambique scuba diving trips are the most incredible ways to spend your holidays. To experience something unbelievable, just get some training under your belt. Let Scuba Scene introduce you to the wonders of the underwater world!