Is Scuba Diving For Children?

children diving

A lot of parents wonder whether scuba diving trips are ideal for their children, especially when they are between the age of 8 and 12. If you are lucky enough to have children as part of your family, careful holiday planning is in order to make sure everyone has a good time. When holidays are planned around children, parents  who  might want to indulge in scuba diving  often don’t. The thought of their children missing out on the fun may prevent them from choosing a diving trip holiday. Here’s the thing – if you are a parent with a child above the age of eight, you don’t have to curb your holiday plans because they can become part of the scuba diving experience with you!

That’s Right – Children can go Scuba Diving too!

In general, children are always eager to do interesting things and scuba diving comes pretty high on that list. In fact, many Professional Association of Diving Instructor (PADI) certified instructors have noticed that children tend to listen to instructions better and pick up nuances quicker than most adults. As long as they are physically, mentally and emotionally of sound health, there is nothing that prevents them from donning scuba gear and heading into the water, with supervision from certified PADI divers of course. More importantly, parents should ensure that the child wishes to learn the art of scuba diving. If they are willing and ready, the next step is to enrol them into a scuba diving course at one of the many PADI-certified training centres, like Scuba Scene.

Some Training Programmes for Children

When you come down to Scuba Scene, you will find a host of scuba diving courses waiting for them including PADI Bubblemaker, which is a course for children aged eight and above. This is the best way to introduce your child to scuba diving and give them a taste of the action as well as run through their gear. There’s PADI Seal Team, which is a course that’s designed to make a simple dive a lot more exciting. There are games and missions for children to accomplish, including taking underwater pictures or diving with flashlights. The idea is to teach them skills involved in wreck diving, buoyancy and give them greater environmental awareness.

The next step is to head out into the open water and this allows your children to learn in the actual ocean environment as compared to the pool-environment of the Bubblemaker and Seal Team courses. Once they are accustomed to open water scuba diving, they can also take part in a rescue diver course. Each course is a wonderful way to extend their knowledge in scuba diving as well as give them greater control over their diving ability. The more trained they are, the more they can enjoy their dives and the more freedom parents have to enjoy their own diving experience. With training centres like Scuba Scene helping you and your children learn the art of scuba diving, you can ensure that your diving holidays are a lot more invigorating for the entire family!