Scuba Diving Equipment You Should Never Be Without


Need some scuba diving equipment? Whether you are freshly pursuing diving as a hobby or career, it is important to know what equipment you will need to get started. What do you get, though? What is necessary, and what is optional? Well, you’re in luck, because we have created a list of all the scuba diving equipment you should never be without!

1. Dive Mask and Snorkel

Of everything on this list, the dive mask and snorkel are probably the most obvious options for your scuba diving equipment.  The dive mask creates an air pocket over your eyes so that light can enter them normally, allowing the wearer to see naturally. The snorkel is a long tube typically made of rubber or plastic that allows the wearer to breathe when their nose and mouth are submerged beneath the water’s surface. These two are necessary for obvious reasons…you can’t enjoy diving if you can’t see or breathe!

2. Wetsuit

A diving suit is also an obvious choice, though it is important to know the difference between dive suits, mainly wetsuits and dry suits. Wetsuits allow water in and near your skin. This water then warms up and keeps you insulated from the colder water outside of the suit.  Dry suits, on the other hand, are strictly for keeper water out. Dry suits are generally used for colder water, while wetsuits are used for warm water.

3. Regulator and Octopus

Regulators are essential if you intend to dive below the surface because they allow you to breathe. They connect to your air tank and allow you to breathe normally. The Octopus is secondary emergency regulator.

4. Buoyancy Compensator (BC)

The buoyancy compensator is an essential addition to your scuba diving equipment. The BC allows divers to quickly rise to the surface or sink further into the water. This is possible by inflating and deflating an internal bladder. Filling the BC with air allows you to float up, and venting it out lets you sink down.

5. SPG and Depth Gauge

To go along with your BC, you will also need an SPG (Submersible Pressure Gauge) and Depth Gauge. The SPG is connected to your air tank and tells you how much air is left. The Depth Gauge tells you how deep you are in the water.  These two are critical pieces of scuba diving equipment, especially for deep sea divers.

And these are just some of the things you’ll need as a scuba diver. But, don’t let the list intimidate you! All of these things can be easily found on our online shop, and we even offer courses to get you started. Contact us at Scuba Scene to get involved in the life changing world of diving today!