Scuba Diving Equipment


Every scuba diving enthusiast must know and understand their scuba diving equipment if they are interested in enjoying the hobby to the hilt. Having safe and comfortable scuba diving equipment is a major part of being able to enjoy the underwater world. Knowing what each piece of equipment does as well as respecting its purpose and limitations is vital to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. Here’s a look at some of the most important pieces of scuba diving equipment that you’ll need:

Scuba Diving Masks and Snorkels

Masks are one of the most important pieces of scuba diving equipment because they allow you to view the entire world around you with your own eyes. The snorkel, on the other hand, is a piece of equipment that is used only at the beginning of the dive or while you are near the surface, not yet ready to plunge into the depths using your scuba diving breathing equipment. It allows you to draw natural air from above the water, while you are looking down or while your head is submerged.

Fins and Buoyancy Control

Moving about under water and controlling your pace and movement is quite important, not just for your pleasure but also for safety. Fins are designed to give you the propulsion you need, underwater, to allow you to move around with more power than what your feet would allow. The Buoyancy Control Device (BCD), on the other hand, is a piece of scuba diving equipment that allows you to hover underwater, without sinking or rising to the surface. Whether you are trying to float near the surface, stand at the bottom of the ocean or simple float around in mid-level, you need to control your buoyancy and this device helps you do so with its inflation system.

Some Technological Imperatives

Modern day scuba diving equipment cannot be devoid of technology and there are certain things you just cannot go into the water without. First is the submersible pressure gauge that allows you to keep track of the air left in your tank. Dive Computers are the next most important piece of scuba diving equipment that give you details like the depth of the dive and the time you’ve spent already. It provides real time data and uses that information to calculate the amount of nitrogen in your body, thereby calculating the amount of dive time you have left. The dive watch is the third part of the technology aspect of scuba diving where it allows you to track the dive time, although they have become redundant with the invention of dive computers.

Breathing Scuba Diving Equipment

The one thing every scuba diver needs is air and this is where the regulator and dive tanks come into the picture. You need the regulator to control the amount of air coming through from the high pressure tanks you carry on your back or on your sides (using a side mount). Re-breathers are a more complex bit of scuba diving equipment that recycle the air you breathe out and is a great way to extend the amount of air your tank contains and is ideal for longer dives.

The list of scuba diving equipment is really long, stretching beyond wetsuits and weight systems to dive flags, signals, knives and accessories. If you are an avid scuba diver and are interested in learning more about the equipment or in buying some for your own dives, get in touch with Scuba Scene for the highest quality products and world class PADI-certified training on understanding and using scuba diving equipment.