Scuba Diving In Ponta Do Oura

Mozambique - Scuba Scene

If you have wanted to try scuba diving in South Africa, Scuba Scene is offering an amazing opportunity.  This professional diving outfit has been operating for 20 years.  They are celebrating with an exceptional offer: learn to scuba dive in Ponto do Oura at the unbelievable price of R3499!  This price includes your Open Water Scuba course, 3 nights luxury accommodation in Ponto do Oura, 5 sea dives and equipment hire.  

If you know your prices, you will know that you will not get this price anywhere else.  It truly is one birthday celebration you don’t want to miss out on.  The rustic town of Ponto do Oura is just over the South African border and, even though it is so close, it has a charm and flavour uniquely Mozambican.  It is refreshingly different from the typical South African seaside village. Time slows down in Ponta do Oura and a four-day stay will feel like two weeks away.

Why scuba diving in South Africa?

In South Africa, scuba diving is varied with many different sites where you can dive.   Popular sites include Aliwal Shoal, Sodwana Bay, Mabibi, Protea Banks and False Bay. Once you have completed your Open Water Course all of these opportunities become available to you.  You can even join a group to dive in the Knysna Heads and see the famous shipwreck, the Paquita.  

Diving opens up a part of the world you do not normally see: underwater.  You will be awestruck as you move through this beautiful world, experiencing first hand the wonder of it. Of course your diving will not be limited to South African dive sites.  Other sites, as close as Ponto do Oura, or further away in Malaysia, Australia, Belize, Egypt to name a few, present themselves.  The choices are endless.

In South Africa, scuba diving is fun learn

Take up this birthday offer and learn to scuba this year.  Scuba Scene has the experience and expertise to ensure it is an unforgettable experience.  Learning to dive in Ponta do Oura is magical.  The warm water, relaxed lifestyle and natural beauty all add to the memorable experience.  Call Scuba Scene today and learn scuba diving in South Africa.