Scuba Diving In South Africa


A visit to the beautiful beaches of South Africa would be incomplete without a round of scuba diving in the clear, pristine waters that surround this amazing country. The country has a massive 1700 mile-long coastline that is made up of two fantastic oceans and a host of marine life unmatched by any other part of the world. There’s everything for the scuba diving fanatic here – from massive ocean sharks to the beautiful and wondrous world of coral reefs. It is the latter that is the biggest attraction, as a matter of fact, with a wonderful tropical reef sitting on the north eastern side of the country while the western side has a temperate reef, with more rocks. Diving points come in all levels of difficulty, ensuring that novice divers as well as seasoned pros have a blast out there in the cool waters around South Africa.

Choosing Scuba Diving Locations for your Visit

For those who are interested in checking out the massive sharks around South Africa’s waters, there is the wonderful dive spot at Gansbaai. Part of the Dyer Island Group, this location is famous for its Great White Shark population. Not only can you dive with some of the largest populations of fur seals and African penguins, you can also get some cage-action with the Great Whites themselves. Then there’s False Bay, which is slightly warmer but this is where you come if you’re in search of forests of sea weed, sandy bottoms and a whole array of life forms including Leopard Cat Sharks, Puffadder Shysharks and Nudibranchs.

Mossel Bay and Santos Reef are two other fantastic dive locations, the former being the ideal location for shallow dives amongst Sting Rays and smaller varieties of reef fish, while the latter being the perfect place to catch a bit of that Cuttlefish action, along with more Rays and reef fish. If you happen to be in the country during May, June or July, you might get to witness the amazing Sardine Run, when billions of Sardines spawn in and around the Agulhas Bank area. That brings in the sharks and dolphins as well, so there’s plenty of action to feast on.

Scuba Diving with Scuba Scene

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