When out hunting for scuba gear in Pretoria, you can have a massive list of items. However, not everything that you see out there is something that you need to buy because there are a lot of companies and diving schools that also rent out equipment for your usage.

Scuba Diving Wet Suit – Buy

If there’s one thing that you should definitely own it is the wet suit. Wet suits are the most essential item for any scuba diver, protecting your skin and keeping you warm under water. It protects you from exposure but for it to do its job well, you need one that fits and that’s where owning one will ensure that you don’t have to go out for a dive with a rented one that isn’t fitting you well or completely dry.

Dive Mask – Buy

When buying a mask, the concept is similar to a wet suit where you don’t want to keep looking for something that fits but, instead, have something that works for you every single time. Buying one isn’t that expensive and having your own will ensure that it can do the job of protecting your face and providing clear vision every single time.

Flippers or Fins – Rent

While flippers or fins are absolutely essential to help you move about under water, you don’t necessarily need to own a pair. It’s like wearing a set of flip-flops, rather long ones, but wearing someone else’s pair doesn’t really make much of a difference. You can buy one if you’re a regular scuba diver but if you’re just planning on renting some scuba gear in Pretoria, add this to the list.

Snorkel – Buy

The only reason we would recommend buying a snorkel is because you have to put it into your mouth. Even if you are not planning on snorkeling, the idea of putting someone else’s mouthpiece into your mouth can dampen the mood. This is one thing you should buy and keep clean, even if it’s just your own mouth its meant for.

Buying or Renting Scuba Gear in Pretoria

Whether you are buying or renting scuba gear in Pretoria, you want to find someone like Scuba Scene, where you can get a wide range of options to choose from. Not only do you get choice, you get to try out a lot of different things and get advice from professional scuba diving experts and trainers on how to select the right equipment for you.

As long as you are interested in scuba diving, you will need scuba gear and in Pretoria, there’s no place better than Scuba Scene to get yours!