Summertime Mozambique Diving Trips


It’s that time of the year again when the Sun is shining and scuba diving trips are beckoning you from the beautiful beaches of Mozambique. The Sun, sand and beautiful fauna of the waters around the island country are the ideal location for a trip out with the family or friends. There are many places to visit, specifically for diving trips, and whether you’re travelling in a big group or just as a couple or family, finding the perfect location is just a matter of showing up at one of the many fantastic places that line the Mozambique coastline.

Planning Diving Trips in Mozambique

The first thing you need to do to prepare for your diving trips is buy a wetsuit. If you go in with your own wetsuit, you don’t have to worry about hiring something that’s not perfect for your body size and shape. Once you have the wetsuit, you are halfway there! If you need assistance choosing perfect fit wetsuit, contact Scuba Scene. The best way to arrange diving trips is to contact this scuba diving school, where experienced diving instructors and guides will organise everything.

Choosing the Right Location

To ensure that your diving trips are perfect, you need to choose from one of the many popular diving locations like Ponta do Ouro, Pemba or Medjumbe Island. Each location is known for something special, for example Ponto do Ouro has a wonderful array of sea creatures like reef fish, turtles, boxfish and corals, and in their thousands! Hammerhead sharks are also common in this area as are a variety of rays, all of which look magnificent in their natural surroundings.

Medjumbe Island has a wonderful wall-dive, where you can go as deep as 850 metres or so. Known as the “Edge of Reason”, diving trips to this part of Mozambique are meant for more experienced scuba divers. Reef sharks, snappers and unicorn fish are common in this part while those interested in swimming amidst bigger fish, like Sunfish or Devil Rays, can head down to Pemba where diving trips add a whole new dimension to the underwater experience.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Mozambique diving trips during the summer months, are perfect as this is the time of the year when you might just run into a pod of humpback whales migrating across the plankton rich waters around the islands. You’ll never get tired of the variety you get to see on your diving trips, with whale shark alley giving you a glimpse into the world of the world’s largest fish. There are mangrove forests and coral reefs, fishes of all sizes and shapes, and a whole set of turtles, rays and reef-life for divers. All you need to do is get in touch with companies like Scuba Scene, which arrange diving trips out to the Mozambique, and you could get everything you need to make your summer holidays memorable.