Top PADI Scuba Tips


When you learn to scuba in Pretoria with Scuba Scene you may think that every dive is going to be amazing.  You may anticipate that every time you descend you are going to have an awe-inspiring encounter.  That is a lot of pressure and expectation to put onto an experience.  Sometimes things do not go as well as you planned.  The visibility may be poor.  You may be battling with a piece of your equipment.  There may be nothing to see.  It is understandable that this is disappointing.  But is it enough to put anyone off? No sir!

In the event that your dive is not everything you had hoped for, there are ways you can find value and enjoyment in every dive.

Every Dive Is Valuable

Scuba in Pretoria with Scuba Scene introduces you to a whole new world.  They recommend these three tips to make every dive valuable.  

  1. Reframe Your Experience: Firstly, you can reframe the dive and celebrate the small details.  You may be hoping to see exciting sea creatures on your dive: whales, sharks, dolphins, whale sharks, turtles, schools of fish or mantas.  Sometimes, however, you will see none of those.  Sometimes you will see nothing at all.  Until you really look for the details.  Even if it is a beautiful branch of coral or the way the sun streams through the water.
  1. Take Care: Secondly, if the dive is not remarkable, you can concentrate on taking care of the environment.  Pick up any plastic or debris that you find.  It is harmful to marine life and unsightly.  Each piece you pick up makes a difference.  
  1. Practice Makes Perfect: Thirdly, when the scenery is a little humdrum, use the opportunity to practice your skills. See how efficiently you can move; practice your buoyancy; or focus on your air consumption.  Every dive can be a learning experience.

In Pretoria, Do It With Scuba Scene

Diving is a wondrous experience.  You can breathe underwater, and it doesn’t get better than that.  You may live far from the ocean but with Scuba Scene you can complete your PADI course and prepare yourself for many a diving adventure.  Every dive can be valuable by practicing these three tips when you scuba with Scuba Scene.