Ship wreck

You will love scuba diving in South Africa for the vast beautiful expanses of ocean that create some of the most amazing dive-sites. A lot of people expect scuba diving to be something of a one-time wonder. “You go down in one spot and then everything else just seems the same – there’s fishes, corals and that’s about it!”

Fortunately, there’s a whole lot more to scuba diving than these people would have you believe because a large part of what you see under the water has to do with where you are scuba diving, at what time of the year and, even, at what depth.

Hunting for Shoals and Sharks

A huge part of the scuba scene is concentrated around finding many varieties of fishes and, of course, the magnificent king of the oceans – the shark! Depending on where you are diving and at what time of the year, you can see a lot of different types of fishes as well as a wide variety of sharks. For example, head down to Aliwal Shoal between the months of November and December and you should find tens or hundreds of jagged-tooth sharks down there.

Go way out into the sea and you could have a tryst with Tiger sharks and some Black Tips. There are sardines and other kinds of ocean fish for you to gape at – everything changing with the temperature of the water, the flow the current and even the time of the day. Everyone wants to dive with the sharks and in South Africa you can certainly get your fill of sharks and fish of all kinds.

Diving Amongst Shipwrecks

There are also certain special diving spots where you can go down and spend some time knocking about some old shipwrecks that have been sitting at the bottom of the ocean. There are some spectacular wrecks sitting at the bottom of the ocean and Art Rock Barge, SAS Gelderland and Brunswick are just some of the beautiful wrecks that you can access down there.

All you need to do is find a great group of people or school to join during your trip and head out there with your scuba gear in tow. South Africa will treat you to the most amazing scuba diving experience you can ever imagine and if there’s one thing you will never get tired of, it is the diversity and beauty you experience in the beautiful waters that surround this fantastic country. Find out more from Scuba Scene.