For many people, scuba diving is a passion and a way of life. In fact, there’s a large community of recreational and professional scuba divers around the world who share this amazing and extraordinary experience of diving into an unknown environments full of beautiful marine life.

Although many documentaries have done an excellent job capturing the beauty of the underwater world, nothing compares to real experience of scuba diving. When you take your first scuba dive, you come to realise that you’ve missed so much about our planet and the desire to explore its underwater wonders will follow you your entire life.

There are many exotic destinations to plan your next scuba dive trip but among them South Africa is definitely one of the best. With 1700 miles coastline on two oceans, South Africa offers a rich variety of scuba diving adventures and marine environments. Furthermore, here you will find one of the largest communities of scuba divers in the world.

Scuba Diving Courses

If you’re new to diving, in South Africa you will find numerous scuba diving schools that will be more than happy to initiate you in this wonderful recreational sport. Some of the schools will even offer scuba courses online for the theoretical component. As a word of caution and for your own safety, make sure your teacher is a certified diving instructor or organisation.

Although scuba diving can be a lot of fun, it is also quite dangerous if is not done properly. There are no shortcuts in scuba diving. When underwater, you will rely on your scuba equipment and it is important that your equipment is of top quality. Your diving gear can vary according to the destination that you’re planning to visit for your next scuba diving adventure. However, the basic equipment includes a mask, a tank, regulator, snorkel, fins and buoyancy control device.

Underwater Adventures

If you’ve never experienced the underworld environment, be prepared for one of the greatest experiences of your life. Underwater, your senses will discover new sensations. The weightlessness of the marine environment is similar to the experience of zero gravity shared by cosmonauts in space. Also, we are used with a bi-dimensional terrestrial environment but underwater you add one more dimension since you’re able to freely move in all directions.

The beauty of the underwater world will leave you speechless. Coral and marine life will provide stunning visual imagery.  The tropical South African waters are home to a wide array of fish of various shapes, colour and patterns just waiting to be discovered. If you share our passion and enthusiasm for scuba diving, we invite you to learn out more about this wonderful recreational activity. Contact Scuba Scene today.