When Can My Kids Start To Scuba Dive?


The great thing about scuba diving is that you don’t need to live at the seaside to start enjoying this awesome sport; you can sign up today for a PADI Open Water Diver course right here in Pretoria. The other great thing about signing up for scuba diving in Pretoria is that if your kids are ten years or older, they can join in the fun too! Yes, that’s right; PADI offers scuba diving courses in Pretoria just for kids.

The first of these courses is the Bubblemaker; perfect for kids eight years and older who feel comfortable in the water and a fun, safe way to introduce them to the joys of scuba diving and the gear they’ll be using underwater.

Is Your Kid Keen to Learn?

If your kid is already proving to be a mini adventurer, PADI’s Seal Team programme might be more his or her style. This scuba diving programme goes beyond covering the basics to include AquaMissions (like creature identification; navigation; skin diving; environmental awareness and much more). By successfully completing these AquaMissions, your kid will qualify as a Seal Team Member and their experience will count towards their Open Water Diver certificate.

Another exciting option offered by Scuba Scene in Pretoria, is the Discover Scuba Diving programme. This programme is ideal for kids ten years and older who are not quite ready for the Open Water Diver course. While it’s not a certification course, it is an excellent option for kids – and adults – who want to learn more about the basics of scuba diving and get familiar with the gear without feeling too pressured.

In Pretoria, Scuba Diving Lessons are Available for Kids

For kids ten years and older who are able swimmers; in good physical health; and eager to experience the wonders of life underwater, PADI’s Open Water Diver course is the obvious choice. Enrolling in this scuba diving course in Pretoria is your passport to the thrilling domain of dive adventures.

Once certified, you and your kids will be free to enjoy diving at the countless beautiful scuba spots located along our coastline and around the world. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for scuba diving in Pretoria today!