If you are heading for a scuba dive trip to South Africa, there are plenty of places where you can get the ultimate diving experience. A large part of your diving experience depends on what you would like to see as each diving site has its own speciality. Choosing the location for your dive trip depends largely on what interests you and when it comes to variety, there’s no better place to go scuba diving than in South Africa!

Diving Off of the Western Cape

When you plan your dive trip off the coast of the Cape Peninsula, you’ll be where two oceans meet: the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the warmer Indian Ocean waters that run down the Mozambique and Agulhas currents. Not only are you exposed to some of the largest varieties of fish, you are also treated to a whole new world of invertebrates, seaweeds and a whole bunch of shipwrecks.

There are some wonderful sites for your dive trip, like Boat Rock, Photographer’s Reef, Percy’s Hole, Star Wall and Stonehenge. Organising a dive trip to Arniston, Mossel Bay and Plettenberg Bay will allow you to see multiple shipwrecks as well as the beautiful Stingray Reef, Santos Reef, Whale Rock and Dolphin Column.

Planning your Dive Trip around the Eastern Cape

If there’s one thing the Eastern Cape is famous for, it is bio-diversity! You will never get bored on your dives off of Eastern Cape dive sites like Northern Pinnacles and Raggies Cave, near Umkomaas; Landers Reef near KwaZulu Natal; Harrison’s Gulley near the Wild Coast and the SS King Cadwallon wreck near East London.

Durban and Beyond

Durban is also a fantastic destination for your dive trip as its proximity to the Umgeni River, the Harbour Mouth and the Umlaas Cutting on the Bluff create perfect diving sites along the coastline, especially in the winter months. Even Sodwana Bay is known for being a wonderful site for dive trips especially for fans of coral reefs with some of the most amazing marine life.

If you are planning a dive trip in South Africa, make sure you don’t miss out on the wonders of the annual sardine run that takes place along the southern coast of the country. Not only are there millions of sardines moving along the coastline, the tiny fish attract all kinds of predators including whales, sharks, dolphins, game-fish and birds. No better time to organise your dive trip to South Africa now, is there? Try one of Scuba Scene’s dive trips for the time of your life.